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Welcome to Silver Sims! This site is completely dedicated to The Sims 2! I have a little bit of everything here including the latest news concerning TS2 and its expansion packs, cheats and tips, help guides and tutorials, and now I FINALLY have downloads! When you are finished navigating the site, please feel free to sign the guestbook to let me and others know what you think of the site. You can also recommend this site to a friend using the provided button.
You can also see the latest news to find out what's going on here at Silver Sims. (Just scroll down here on the home page and you'll see it under the flashing star). Thank you very much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!
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Latest Site News:
New12/15/05: The entire look of the site has been changed! Some things have been removed and new things have been added. I added TS2 cheats for PS2 and XBOX as requested, and an entire new "Downloads" section has been put on the site as well! Check it out for all kinds of free downloads from me as well as other sites that have given permission for their creations to be redistributed! Right now it features a couple of paintings I made, as well as a bed, an end table and two table sets (all by www.meshkiste.de), with much more to come! Enjoy!
New12/14/05: I finally got SimPE working thanks to the wonderful Numenor who helped me!  So I bring you my very first object recolours, two paintings based on "The Lady On Red." You can find them here on the "Downloads" page or at this link.  http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=111261 Enjoy!
New12/11/05: There is a whole new cheat code listing that lists a whole bunch of cheat codes for everything from keeping your Sim's motives full to changing the slope of the roof. Check it out!
New12/11/05: An entire new section was added to the site called "Expansion Pack Info." This tells you all about the latest expansion packs. Right now it's featuring a whole bunch of information about Open For Business and includes the latest screenshots and a link to the latest videos!

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