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Here you can find all kinds of downloads for your Sims! I've only made a couple objects so far because I just got SimPe working after fiddling with it for only God knows how long! However, I have found a few sites that have given permission for their objects to redistributed so you'll find some of those things here as well. (Don't worry, proper credit has been given!) Anyway here's what I have so far and I hope you enjoy them! (Please note that the picture/screenshot is first, with the download link underneath them. Meshes are also included in the file unless otherwise stated). Please read the rules and guidelines, the notes, and the installation information. Scroll down and you will find the downloads underneath them!)
1.)You may NOT put any of these things on pay-sites of any kind!
2.) You MAY put MY (silvercat2017) uploads in LOTS ONLY to upload to the exchange at www.thesims2.com and www.modthesims2.com ONLY! Also, proper credit MUST be given!
3.) You may NOT redistribute ANY of these downloads on any site without the permission of the creators! (This includes mine, except for rule 2 only!)
Thank you for respecting and following the rules and guidelines! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
NOTE: All of the files here are either .zip, .rar, or sims2package  files unless otherwise specified. You can use a program called WinRar to open .rar files.
1.) Please open/unzip  the .rar or .zip files and place the contents in your "Downloads" folder.
2.) Double-Click on the package files to import them to the game.
The two paintings below, "Savannah" and "Strolling" are based on a Maxis original painting, "The Lady On Red" and they are therefore compatible with the base game alone, as well as EP's.

"Savannah" - By Silvercat2017

Download "Savannah" Painting

"Strolling" - By Silvercat2017

Download "Strolling" Painting

Black Iron Bed - By Birgit43 (www.meshkiste.de)

Download Bed

Black Iron End Table - Matches Bed (By Birgit43 at www.meshkiste.de)

Download End Table

Glass Top Table Set - (By: Birgit43 at www.meshkiste.de)

Download Tables

Black Tables - (By Birgit43 at www.meshkiste.de)

Download Tables

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