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This page has a few help and information guides. There is a guide to vampires and vampirism and more! If you don't find what you're looking for here, please check the tutorials page as it may be there. Thanks!

I have seen countless people asking how to become a vampire so here's how you do it completely cheat and hack free:

1.) Go downtown at night and search around until you come across a Count or Contessa. You will know that they are a vampire quite easily as they have white skin, red eyes, fangs, a gothic style of dress, and they walk with one arm in front of their face as if they are hiding their fangs.

2.) Talk to the vampire to raise your relationship with them. They will then bite your sim on their own free will if they choose to do so. This is probably the heardest way to get them to bite you.

3.) Another almost guaranteed way your sims can meet vampires is to make vampirism a turn on. Then call the matchmaker and ask for a blind date. Remember to do this at night! Give the matchmaker the max $5,000. There is a pretty good chance that your date will be a vampire.

4.) Another easier way is to talk to a vampire and become good friends with them and then move them in with the sim you want to have turned into a vampire. Then you can direct the vampire sim to bite other sims.

5.) If you invite a vampire over, and have more than one active sim on the lot you can have one sim Influence the vampire to "Bite Neck" on another sim.

6.) Contrary to what some people have said, the Vamprocillin-D potion from the matchmaker does not turn your sim into a vampire. It in fact cures your sim of vampirism.

7.) Don't call the vampires on the phone during the day. They answer, but they will complain about burning up. Therefore, you will take a big negative hit on your relationship. This is just like when you call a normal sim during the middle of the night. They get angry with you.


1.) Q: Can toddlers and children be vampires?
A: No they can't. A Sim cannot become a vampire until they are at least a teenager.

2.) Q: Can vampire Sims have vampire babies?
A: No they can't. They can still have babies though unlike zombies. Vampirism only occurs when a Sim is bitten. It is not a genetic trait. Therefore, the baby will be born normal. Also, like the answer to the question above this says, Sims can only be vampires once they have become a teenager.

3.) Q: Can vampires go to work?
A: Yes. However, they should get a job that has nighttime hours only. Otherwise, make your garage attached to the house. This way your vampire Sim can go to work without going into direct sunlight. However, if your Vampire Sim is out during the day, regardless of not being exposed to natural light, their mood will still go down quickly. I don't suggest making your vampire Sims employed, but it is possible to do so if you so choose.

4.) Q: Are there any places where vampires like to go the most?
A: No. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to go to the creepier, more gothic places to find vampires. A lot of people say to try the Crypt-O-Night Club, but I met my first vampire at SimBowl Lanes, and my sister came across one at The Hub and met another one when her Sim was chatting online. They just randomly show up wherever and whenever they choose to do so. Just remember that you can only find them at night!
5.) Q: I set my Sim's turn-ons to vampirism and black hair so why aren't there any vampires yet?
A: Well not all vampires have black hair. The two that I have seen so far had blonde hair and brown hair. You will have to change your Sim's turn-ons. You can do this by drinking the potion the matchmaker left you, or you can use the ReNuYu-Sensor Orb if you have enough aspiration points to get it. Just make sure you use it with at least a gold aspiration level otherwise you might end up with the grilled cheese aspiration!

Advantages/Disadvantages of Vampire Sims

1.) Vampires are immortal, this means that they do not die if they age as long as you keep them safe from the sun.
2.) Your teenage vampires qualify for a $1500 scholarship if you have University. I believe that it is the zombie scholarship accoriding to what I have been told by a few people.

1.) Vampires die when exposed to sunlight, thus they can only come out at night. They won't die right away, but their mood will go down quickly when exposed to the sun and they will die within a short period of time if you don't get them safely to their coffin on time.
2.) If your vampires are out during the day, regardless if they are in direct natual light or not, their mood will still go down quickly.

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